Triptych Paintings

The Fate of Actaeon- 2015

Left panel- 7'x2.5', Central panel- 6.5' x 5.5', Right panel- 7'x4'.

"Look at Actaeon's wretched fate, who by the hounds that he himself had raised, was torn apart."
-Euripides, the Bacchants

Tortilla Flats- 2016
Left Panel- 7'x2.5', Central panel- 7'x5.5', Right panel- 7'x2'.

"Always afterward when someone spoke of a party with enthusiasm, someone else would lower their voice, and say with reverence 'were you at that party at Danny's house'?" -John Steinbeck, Tortilla Flat

"CHORUS: Many are the forms of divine intervention. That which was expected has not been accomplished; for that which was unexpected have the gods found a way." -Euripides, the Bacchants

The Chorus
The Main Act
The "Dog Ex Machina"

Prophets- 2016

Left Panel- 7'x2', Central panel- 7'x5.5', 7'x3'.

Isaac's Legend
The Naming
The Portrait Session

The Smugglers- 2017

The Blizzard


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