Desert Night Beast 

January. Oil on canvas. 4'x3'. Currently in San Luis Obispo, CA

Madonna and Child (Ksenia and Leo)
January. Oil on Canvas. 4'x2.5'.  Currently in Palo Alto, CA.

Dostoevsky Gambling

January. Oil on Canvas. 3'x2.5'.  Currently in Soquel, CA.

Outraged Pieta
January. Oil on canvas. 5'x4'.  Currently in Albany, CA.

The Queen (Crusade)
January. Oil on Canvas. 6'x4'. Currently in San Francisco, CA

Hall of Moons
February. Oil on Canvas. 6'x7'. Unsold.

Don Quixote Defending Dulcinea From the Windmill
February. Oil on Canvas. 4'x6'. Unsold.

Dulcinea Descends Into the Mojave

March. Oil on Canvas. 6'x4'.  Currently in Santa Fe, NM

The Gibbous Machine
March. Oil on Canvas. 4'x5'. Currently in Oakland, CA.

Basin and Range
April. Oil on Canvas. 5'x5.5'. Currently in San Francisco, CA.

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