LF Celine and His Cat Bebert

January.  Oil on Canvas. 5.5' x 2'. Currently in Fort Bragg, CA. 

Dulcinea Del Toboso

January.  Oil on Canvas. 4.5' x 3'. Currently in Mono City, CA

Weeping Mother

January. Oil on Canvas. 5' x 6'. Currently in New York, NY. 

The Exiled Euripides Devoured By Dogs

January. Oil on Canvas. 4' x 5'. Currently in Livermore, CA. 

Napping Venus

January. Oil on Canvas.  6.5' x 4'.  Currently in Bishop, CA.


February. Oil on Canvas. 3' x 5'.  Currently in Lee Vining, CA. 

Riding Around

February. Oil on Canvas. 5' x 6'.  Currently in Oakland, CA.

"This Time We're Takin' Everything Left!"

February. Oil on Canvas. 4' x 4.5'.  Location Uncertain.

Waxing Gibbous

March. Oil on Canvas. 4' x 6'.  Currently in Oakland, CA.

The Destruction of "The Little Dog Laughed" By Aldonza Lorenzo

March. Oil on Canvas. 5' x 5.5'.  Currently in Catalina, CA. 

Family Table 

April. Oil on Canvas. 3'x6'.  Currently in Bishop, CA.


April. Oil on Canvas. 4'x6'. Currently in Bridgeport, CA. 



To M. B.

April. Oil on Canvas. 2'x 1.5'.  Currently in Reno, NV.

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