Night Monster

 January. Oil on Canvas. 5.5' x 4'. Hawthorne. Currently in Flagstaff, AZ.


January. Oil on Canvas. 4' x 5'.  Hawthorne. Currently in Roseburg, OR.

Wind Storm 

February. Oil on Canvas. 6.5' x 7' . Hawthorne. Currently in Big Sur, CA.

"What most people take for silence is really a grotesque bedlam of creaks and groans and distant roaring thunder." -William Burroughs, Jr. 

The Sacrifice of Isaac

 February. Oil on Canvas. 4.5' x 5'. Hawthorne. Currently in Roseburg, OR. 

"On the strength of the absurd he got Isaac back. Abraham is therefore at no instant the tragic hero, but something quite different, either a murderer or a man of faith... I can understand a tragic hero, but not Abraham, though in a certain lunatic sense I admire him more than all others." -Soren Kierkegaard, Fear and Trembling, p. 87. 

The Hero 

March. Oil on Canvas.  6' x 7.5'. Hawthorne. Location uncertain.  

The Morning

March. Oil on Canvas. 5'x6'. Hawthorne. Currently in Santa Barbara, CA. 


 April. Oil on Canvas.4.5' x 6'.  Hawthorne. Currently in Prescott, AZ


 April. Oil on Canvas. 4' x5'. Hawthorne. Currently in Big Sur, CA.

Still Life With Cat and Candle and Book (Chamis)

December. Oil on Canvas. 3'x1.5'.  Hawthorne. Currently in Manhattan, NY. 


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