Adios, Muchacho

January.  Oil on Canvas. 6' X 4'.  Lee Vining. Currently in the June Lake, CA.



January. Oil on Canvas. 4' x 5'. Lee Vining. Currently in Reno, NV.



February. Oil on Canvas. 5' x 8'.  Lee Vining. Currently in Reno, NV

"My concept of possession is closer to the medieval model than to modern psychological explanations, with their dogmatic insistence that such manifestations must come from inside. I feel that there can be a definite possessing entity that comes from without. And indeed, the modern psychological concepts might well have been devised by these possessing entities, since nothing is more dangerous to a possessor than being seen as a separate  invading creature by the host it has invaded."

-William S. Burroughs


On Tap

March. Oil on Canvas. 4' x 3' . Lee Vining. Currently in Memphis, TN.

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