January. Oil on Wood. 4' x 5'. Arcata. Currently in Martinez, CA. 


People Do What They Think is Best

March. Oil on Canvas. 10' x 8'. Arcata. Currently in Caspar, CA. 

The owner of this work once had a guest over who was homeless and claimed he was on some kind of religious pilgrimage. He slept in the living room where this piece was displayed and in the morning the owner found it ripped off the wall and tucked into a corner. 



Moon Phases

 June. Oil on Canvas. 8' x 6'.  Mono City. Currently in La Verne, CA. 



Arturo, Cammilla, and Sammy

 September. Oil on Canvas. 5' x 4'. Arcata. Currently in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

"She was like a stranger to me. All the fight and glory of her was drained like blood from her veins. She stood off by herself, a creature without spirit or will, her shoulder blades humped, her head drooping as though too heavy for her neck. Behind us Camilla worked as Sammy talked incessantly." John Fante, Ask the Dust p. 138-39.

 October. Oil on Canvas. 5' x 4'. Arcata. Location uncertain.


Beset by Maenads



 November. Oil on Canvas. 8' x 10'. Arcata. Location uncertain. 

"To be saved from this sickness by death is an impossibility, because the sickness and its torment- and the death- are precisely this inability to die." -Soren Kierkegaard. The Sickness Unto Death,  p. 121.

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