Goddamn Pixies

February. Acrylic and Oil and Collage on Burnt Wood. 2' x 3'. Arcata. Location uncertain. 

The figure is as burnt and torn as the wood he is painted on. I dislike pixies and elves, or anything else that wants to crawl into your ears and cause discomfort. I feel it is important to keep your ears covered as often as possible.

People Are Basically Good

 March. Oil and enamel and collage on wood. 1.5' x 3'. Arcata. Currently in Eureka, CA.


May 13th, 2005

September. Mixed Media on Wood. 4' x 5'. Arcata. Location uncertain.

When this painting was first exhibited, a young lady with boots became inexplicably enraged, and threw her beer bottle, her boots, and many verbal obscenities at this painting. Then she went outside into the rain, picked up a handful of mud, came back in and flung the mud all over the painting. The mud dried and has been on it ever since. It made the painting look much better. I not only allow art criticism such as this in my galleries, but encourage it.

Jealous Bastard

October. Acrylic and Oil and Collage on Broken Wood. 1' x 2.5'.  Arcata. Currently in Portland, OR.

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