The Naming of the Trask Sons

 February. Oil on Canvas. 4' x 5'. Arcata. Location uncertain. 

"Caleb and Aaron- now you are people and you have joined the fraternity and you have the right to be damned."

- John Steinbeck, East of Eden, p. 270.



April. Latex and Oil on Linoleum. 2' x 6'. Arcata. Currently in Arcata, CA.

"... or i dunno... i really dont know what to tell you. life is kinda apathetic right now. not bad, not good... not really anything at all... of course i would like to be your friend... in small dossage if possible."

Bar Scene

September. Acrylic, oil, latex on wood panels. 5' x 6'. Arcata. Currently in Roseburg, OR. 

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