Saving Babies #1

October. Oil on Canvas. 4' x 5'. Arcata. Currently in Albany, CA. 

This is the first panel of a triptych. The second panel was painted in 2005, and in it the figure was just watching the babies fall instead of trying to save them. This painting was suddenly ripped to pieces by the "artist" himself at an exhibition a few years ago. In the third panel, which has not yet been painted and possibly never will be, the figure is sitting on the ground with a bottle of wine while babies pile up all around him.

Update: In April 2014 I discovered a fourth panel I had not been aware of. It is in the 2014 section of this website. 


Orpheus Meets Eurydice

November. Oil on canvas.  3' x 5'. Arcata. Currently in Berkeley, CA. 

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