Born: 1982

Education: BA in Painting and Art History from Humboldt State University (2006).

Studio: Hawthorne, Nevada

@GrubsPaintings on Instagram

Past Galleries and other Venues:  

Tim Carmody Arts. Fort Bragg, CA

Cricket Engine Gallery, Oakland, CA

Caspar Curiosities, Mendocino, CA

Fickle Hill Gallery, Arcata, CA

Empire Squared Gallery. Eureka. CA

Reese Bullen Gallery, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

Community Skis, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Mono Arts Council, Mammoth Lakes, CA

The Foxy Olive, Reno, Nevada

Mountain Rambler Brewery, Bishop. CA

Detail From "Smugglers" (2017)

"Grub only paints real things."

 - Andrew L. Foster, Certified Hot Air Balloon Pilot, Certified Cross-cut Saw Instructor, and Art Commentator, speaking in 2014. Foster has been following Grub's work for a decade.

"The honesty is overwhelming." 

-Steven J. Tucker, Ornithologist and Collector, commenting specifically on Grub's piece "Family" from 2013.

" Grub Fay is having a show of his huge and unusual paintings tomorrow...  I suggest you check them out, they're far more interesting than the usual sunsets and seagulls fare we get around these parts. He says the images come to him in terrible, feverish visions and the process of exorcising them from his psyche onto canvas is unpleasant- which is how I measure a true artist: one prone to fits and spells. He's also the least pretentious person I have ever met- imagine that Patrick Swayze had a gruff and grizzled, beer guzzling little brother who was a  bit of a recluse." 

  -Sara Liner, Art Writer, speaking about Grub's show at Tim Carmody Arts in Fort Bragg, CA in 2015.

"I think they're less frightening in smaller prints, and a digital rendition takes much of the coarseness out of them, something which I feel adds to the fear. Honestly, they do look more acceptable when viewed on a screen than in full, 10 foot life-size."

  -Elliott T. Brooks, California Registered Professional Forester and Art Critic, commenting on the difference between Grub's work in person and on his website.

"The 2011 version (of Grub's art show) was my introduction to the life-altering Lee Vining social scene, as well as the only art exhibition I've been to where the artist was throwing open cans of beer at his own pieces."

  -Garrett Davis, Art Reviewer, on his experience at Grub's exhibition at the Black Bear Trading Company, Lee Vining, in March 2011.  

"Grub portrays a gruesome, fantastical, and bizarre universe in his larger than life paintings. Nothing I write to describe Grub's work sounds quite right, because honestly,  his art is kind of indescribable. Words that come to mind are course, colorful, bizarre, disturbing, and vivid.

  -Rose Catron, Art Writer and Collector, speaking in her blog about Grub's Mono Inn show in spring 2013.


"I've seen Picasso, and this is not Picasso." 

-Jeanne Adams, owner of the Ansel Adams Gallery, commenting on Grub's show at the Ansel Adams Gallery at the Historic Mono Inn in spring 2013. 



Megan Atherton:           

Shawn Biessel:

Logan Parsons:

Influences: Guston, Bosch, Grosz,  Beckmann, Bill Watterson, Kirchner, Kokoschka,  Kiefer, Helnwein, Schiele, Chagall, Rouault, Burroughs,  Bukowski,  Faulkner,  Steinbeck,  Dostoevsky,  Kierkegaard, Berdyaev, Unamuno. 

Movie and Music by Michael Vee

 To view paintings by year, click on links at top left.

Pieta (2015) at the opening at Tim Carmody Arts in December 2016.

Show at Tim Carmody Arts in Fort Bragg, CA,  August 2015.


Triptych "Tortilla Flats" on display at Tim Carmody Arts, Fort Bragg, CA in December 2016.

Triptych showing at Community Skis in Mammoth, CA,  August 2015.

Opening Reception at the Cricket Engine Gallery in Oakland, California. July 13th, 2013. 

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